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Keep track of your Islamic praying times with this useful program
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Prayer is a very important discipline for Muslims. This program allows you to keep track of the praying times of the day. Its user interface shows useful information like the actual hour of the day, the exact times in which you need to say the different prayers (Fajr, Shuruq, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha), the time left to the next prayer, and the date according to both the Gregorian and the Hijri (Islamic) calendars. Thus, you can keep track of your praying duties with just a glance. The program also can generate a report of the praying times for a whole month or the entire year. You can print those reports to have them always available. An interesting feature is that you can hear the Azhan, or call to pray, that corresponds to each of the prayers or Salat. A recorded voice will sing the corresponding Azhan when the clock indicates that it's time to pray. Also, you can configure the program to play sound warnings before the Azhan, so you can get ready to it. The program also features the audio reading of several Suras or verses of the Quran. Thus, you can hear them instead of read them. You can set the program's interface to show its information in Western or Arabic characters.
The shareware version of the program does not allows you to update its files. The advantages of the registered version are that you get one year of technical support, as well as any update during the whole year.

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